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Nation Applications

Re: Nation Applications

Qpawn Admin

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Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:36 pm Post
Not that anybody cares but the following nations are now open:

Korea, South

EDIT: Admin West 21/07/11, removed Canada.
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Re: Nation Applications

Thu Jul 21, 2011 8:48 pm Post
Player ID: d1dales
Notable previous player roles: Roman Mistal (Poland)

Nation #1: Canada
Character Name: John Baird
Powerbases (Pick Three): Conservative Party, Business, USA.
200 word explanation of your plans: If I was given Canada I would like to improve the economy, healthcare and strengthen relations with the US. My main goal would be to review many economic policies passed in Canada under the previous administration. I would also like to invest in health care and create better programs for hospitals. I would like to do more for seniors. I would also want to strengthen relations with the US and many other nations around the world. My smaller goals include re opening the abortion debate, getting tougher on crime and abolishing the long gun registry.

Nation #2: Bangladesh
Character Name: Sheikh Hasina
Powerbases (Pick Three): Lower Class, Development and Business (There are no so I made some)
200 word explanation of your plans: Solve the social issues in Bangladesh. Focus on rights of workers and students. I would like to serve communities by beginning health care and education programs. I would really like to help the poor in Bangladesh and then after that move on to citizens rights. The economy would be another issue, I would like to improve it. I would also like to improve world relations.

Re: Nation Applications

Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:43 am Post
(No problem. Here I am.) :)

Re: Nation Applications

Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:43 am Post
QPID: Rome

Nation #1: India
Character Name: Haresh Amar
Powebases (Pick Three): National Democratic Alliance, Middle Class, Business
200 word explanation of your plans: With the recent fall of Giandeeps government, the National Democratic Alliance won the ensuing election. Haresh Amar platforms include further investing in the economy of India, with focus to be on business. He also plans to keep increasing the Middle class of India, which would help the Indian economy. He plans to invest in education with government subsidies, fight corruption prevalent and to also strengthen the Military, which is needed to project Indias growing power and influence and secure her national interests. He also plans to forge ties of friendship with emerging economies and resource rich nations, which will help fuel India's growing appetite and demand.

Nation #2: Pakistan
Character Name: Raza bin-Jilani
Powerbases (Pick Three): Military, Pakistan Muslim League, State Security/Intelligence
200 word explanation of your plans: With the decline of the United States and the emergence of China, Raza plans to build ties with the PRC. With their hep, he plans to further upgrade the army while also investing in the economy. He wishes to secure a loan which will help pay down the soaring national debt and to also spur economic growth. He also plans to raise taxes to help the nation, nad wit hthat tax rise he hopes that ecnonomic progress will help minimize the impact of increased taxes.

Re: Nation Applications

Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:05 am Post
I thought it was agreed Turkey was unplayable...

Re: Nation Applications

Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:26 am Post
Really? Pity.

Well, I changed my app and added a different choice.

Re: Nation Applications

Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:07 pm Post
At the approval of Nolat, I am moving to France for the final few days under this character:

Alain Chatel
b. March 16, 1958 in Caen
g. Ecole centrale Paris 1981
Researcher/Manager SNCF 1981-1997
MP Calvados 1997-
Minister of Research and Higher Education 2011-2013
Elected President of France following Nolat's departure
(power bases: socialists+middle class if you didnt feel like reading that)

short term goals: dont get involved in a war/nuked, keep europe moderately sane
long term goals (what they would be): use active government to promote robust growth in France and establish the EU as a coherent and powerful geopolitical bloc.

Re: Nation Applications

Thu Jul 28, 2011 11:57 am Post
If it's still worth it, I'd like to re-enter this round already, so that I have an active account again by the time the new round starts.

Player ID: (if new, please make a new one)
Notable previous player roles:

Nation #1: Uruguay
Character Name: José Mujica
Powerbases (Pick Three): Broad Front, Lower Class, Military
Plans: build up and modernize Uruguay, eradicate poverty, reduce the power of the hacienda owners, increase military strength and loyalty, fight corruption
(Essentially it means I won't do much untill the end of the round)

Nation #2: Paraguay
Character Name: Fernando Lugo
Powerbases: Lower Class, Patriotic Alliance for Change, Military
Plans: build up Paraguay as a stable, prosperous nation while keeping out of most international problems as much as possible, avoid being dragged in potential wars.

Of course I won't do much, it's just to get my old account back up and running.

Re: Nation Applications

Sat Jul 30, 2011 3:59 am Post
Player ID: Oakland
Notable previous player roles: Nguyen Minh Triet (Vietnam)

Nation #1: South Korea
Character Name: Kim Hwang-sik
Powerbases (Pick Three): Grand National Party, Business, Military
Plans: Over the past half-decade, North Korea has made notable strides towards peace. Though the validity of these strides are questionable, we must remain in talks with North Korea about a possible peace in the peninsula. We must keep the United States as a close ally in this time. The influence of RICH stops at South Korea. We are the absolute LAST LINE of defense before RICH reaches western civilization via the Pacific. This is a global phenomenon, and people need to know the dangers of it.

As for the economy, I will invest in hydroelectricity to better ensure the quality of our energy grid. Furthermore, I will install a highway system to increase the ease of traffic throughout Korea. Lastly, as part of my three-part "Modern Korea" plan, I will invest in a faster internet connection to help monitor the web servers that Korea has.

Nation #2: Colombia
Character Name: Jose Dario Salazar
Powerbases: CCP, Catholicism, Business
Plans: We will fight FARC to the death! They are an abomination and a disgrace to the greatest creation of God: the human race. I will protect your families, your husbands, your wives, your daughters, yours sons, your sisters, and your brothers. I will open up free trade agreements with fellow Latin American nations and with European power markets. As of 2008, almost half of Colombia lives below the poverty line. No more! I will create jobs in any way I can. I will expand the military, invest in tourism, build infrastructure, power plants, pipelines, etc., whatever it takes to get the average Colombian bread on the table!

Re: Nation Applications

Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:06 pm Post
Nation #1:Israel
Character Name: Abrianna Netanyahu
Powerbases (Pick Three):Likud, IDF, and Judaism
200 word explanation of your plans: My plans for Israel is to fulfill gods wishes and maintain Israel as the home of the Jewish people and the Jewish faith. I plan on expanding the economy and working with my allies in the United States on some projects, and I wish to maintain Israel as a complete nation not seceding any amount of her soil to the Palestinian national autonomy expect if they make major strides and stop the terrorism that has infected the middle east since the existence of Israel. alI also plan to work with NATO and be a strong ally of NATO against RICH.

Basically slowly but surely I want to make Israel the new Judah as written in the bible but in modern times.

Nation #2:Canada
Character Name:John t
Powerbases (Pick Three):Liberal Party, middle class, business
200 word explanation of your plans: My plans for Canada involve working closely with all my allies in North America and around the world, I also plan on expanding and growing the economy making more jobs in order to battle the recession. I also plan on expanding the nations education system making more opportunities for the nations you to succeed in the real world after they graduate. I also plan on giving business more rights in order to create a more balanced economy, and a more robust economy. I also plan to help NATO and the United States against RICH and commit troops to the war games but try to keep the troops out of any military matters overseas unless we absolutely have to.

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