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Questions and Answers

Re: Questions and Answers

Mon Jun 13, 2011 1:56 am Post
1) As it says, if you don't have one, you make one up. It is a single name by which track you between nations. So, Eryk could be yours if you want.
2) Powerbases are the bases of power in a given nation. So, no Communist Party-backed government in the United States. There is a thread in this forum called Powerbases. You can see the powerbases for the regular nations there. Basic nations don't have full stats, so if you apply as a basic nation just pick 3 that you think would be appropriate after doing some research (i.e. reading the Wikipedia page on the nation).
3) Everything prior to 2010 was set in stone. After that, you can look at the domestic news threads for a nation you are interested in playing to get a sense of what has happened there.

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