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The Rules Of The UN

The Rules Of The UN

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Sat Nov 19, 2011 6:02 pm Post
We have some new UN rules, please abide by them. They will make the UN run with more organization:

1. Votes are put forth by legal only.

Legal will put forth a vote. When I am notified by PM or when I see it is being requested in the thread the topic is being debated in. *It is required that it be seconded by another member for both houses on the UN*. Most of the time this happens anyway, we can just add it in to ensure that the resolution is ready to be voted on.

2. All votes are locked and tallied after 3 days.

We have done this for a while now, I just want to reinforce it.

3. All nations without players will have a vote, in the UNSC.

Legal will vote for any empty nation in the UNSC only. In the UNSC you need nine aye votes for passage while in the UNGA it is by simple majority.

Those are some new rules. They should make they UN run quickly and with more organization. Please remember to follow the current rules (No ooc comments, no debates in voting threads and using the aye or nay format to vote). Please PM if you have any questions.

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