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Nation Applications

Re: Nation Applications


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Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:32 pm Post
Player ID:( if new, please make a new one) bbailey
Notable previous player roles: Indira Ghandi,

Nation #1: South Africa
Character Name: Blake Bailey
Powerbases (Pick Three): National Party, Upper Class, Military
200 word explanation of your plans: Bailey has risen to power within the National Party through promises of ant-communist legislation to stop Communist uprisings among the Kaffa. Leading on a platform of White rights first and the security of the nation against aggressive African regimes he has become a golden boy of the Military. Coming from a rich father with connections in shipping Bailey had an aptitude for spotting opportunities to make money. Making sure that Whites stay in power and seeing South Africa as a bastion of resistance against Communism and Black Nationalists Bailey will move to further bring forced resettlement of those who are a risk to the security of the nation.

Nation #2: Japan
Character Name: Takeda Miagi
Powerbases (Pick Three): Jiminto – Tradition, Nobility, Upper Class
200 word explanation of your plans: Takeda seeks to strengthen Japanese business in a turbulent world. Seeing Japan as a safe haven for business when it is also on the front line in the fight against Communism is going to be tough but Takeda's background in International Trade will lend credence to his claims. Seeking to develop nuclear energy in Japan with the aid of its allies will mean Japan is less reliant on foreign imports for its energy needs. Technological development will also be an important part of Takeda's administration as well as trying his best to keep Japan out of the Cold War as much as possible.
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Re: Nation Applications

United Kingdom

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Wed Mar 14, 2012 1:56 am Post
All players wishing to apply should mosey over to our new boards.

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