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Years in Summary

Years in Summary

Sat Feb 12, 2011 6:53 pm Post
Everything pre 2010 is accurate to real world history


- Earthquake strikes Hati; nations such as France, Germany, Russia and the UK give financial aide
- Cuba rejoins OAS
- Association of the Emerging Order of Nations (AEON) formed, founding members are India, Egypt, South Africa, and Brazil
- US sends troops to Haiti uninvited; it is labelled an invasion by many

- Greece has major debt problems
- Chaos in Haiti as American and UN troops crack down on rebels

- Rebel uprising in Chechnya sparks the "Third Chechen War"
- Russia starts an offensive against the Chechen rebels; it is clear they are receiving financial assistance from an unknown source

- Romania builds up its military
- Spain and France controversially withdraw from Afghanistan
- Iran constructs a missile defence system
- Colombia bans Trade Unions

- Uprising in Tibet
- Outrage across the EU as German Legislature stops Greek debt deal

- Russia makes military advances in the Arctic

- END treaty is proposed globally which would effectively rule out the use of nuclear weapons, spearheaded by France it struggles to gain support
- China attempts to quench Tibet uprising
- Taiwan outrages the international community
- Russia continues to make slow process against the Chechen rebellion

- Damaging global computer virus spreads
- Russia claims to be close to victory in Chechnya; the rebels begin to fight like insurgents
- France withdraws from NATO integral command
- Iranian Kurds vote for Independence but no independent Kurdistan is created
- Venezuela (Chavez) claims to have thwarted a coup

- Oil discovered in Israel
- Stuxnex worm was targeted at Iran but spread and severely affected nations such as Taiwan and South Korea
- President Correa of Ecuador is arrested after a coup and sentenced to death.
- Situation in Tibet mysteriously calms down
- Colombian troops move into Ecuador as peacekeepers in support of the new military regime

- US President Barack Obama steps down following a stroke

- Iran outlines its plan for an independent Kurdistan
- Tibet is given autonomy; similar to that of Hong Kong and Macau

- Couped Ecuadorian President Correa escapes before his death sentence
- Chaves of Venezuela is toppled in a coup
- Stuxnet computer virus recovery completed
- Protests against Taiwanese President
- Iran begins fuelling a Nuclear Reactor; the fuel used is not adequate to form a nuclear weapon


- President Ming of Taiwan is impeached
- Egypt renews claims on Hala'ib Triangle
- Joe Lieberman wins the US Presidency
- Free and fair elections held in Venezuela, Esteban Trotsky Volkov, grandson of the famous Leon Trotsky comes to power

- Iranian Nuclear Reactor generates electricity
- Former President Correa released by Ecuador; he goes into exile in China
- Iran Demonstrates New Missile

- It is revealed that the failed Chechen uprising was funded by former US President Barack Obama
- Israel now spends over 15% of its GDP on its military, on par with North Korea
- Russia cuts off gas to Romania and those beyond after comments by the Romanian President
- Russia invades Georgia, no reason is given

- Russian forces advance further in Georgia; Azerbaijan is also invaded, both over their connections to the Chechen uprising
- United Nations Security Council lifts sanctions against Iran
- United States declares Russia a State Sponsor of Terrorism
- G-20 talks stalled over American-Russian divide

- Falklands oil found by Desire Petroleum
- Russian-US tensions continue to escalate
- General Varela sells off Ecuador's national oil industry

- Military Stages Coup in Uzbekistan, civil war is sparked
- Russian Spy Plane crashes over Alaska

- FARC videos found

- Chilean plane hijacked over Peru

- Outrage flies in Australia Over Illegitimate Governor-General Appointment
- The privatisation of the NHS takes effect
- European Commission declares German refusal to pay pensioners abroad illegal
- Irish Bailout agreement reached

- Massive protest disrupt London over the privatisation of the NHS
- German Government ends conscription
- Treaty for Long Term Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East; effectively creates an Independent Palestine
- Invasions of Georgia and Azerbaijan complete, extensive damage in Georgia, less in Azerbaijan; Russia remains in control
- Dropping oil prices as Iran switches to green energy; more oil freed up for export

- India moves troops out of Kashmir
- Russian Troop boost in Transnistria
- US-Russian tensions lower; US takes away Russia's "state sponsor of terrorism" status, Russia resumes oil exports to America
- Japan removes foreign aide from some nations in a cost cutting venture

- Iran leaves OPEC
- Cyber Attacks target Turkey, speculation Romania is behind it
- RICH is set up, founding members of Russia Iran and China; a military organisation similar to NATO
- TITAN is set up in response to RICH, founding members of Japan, India and South Korea; Taiwan's legislature votes down observer status
- NATO and RICH planned war games set to coincide
- Israeli Prime Minister Uri Savir Dies
- Russian President Medvedev resigns
- Treaty for Long Term Peace and Prosperity in the Middle East declared void and unconstitutional by Israeli high court


- Kurds gain Independence from Iran; sparks independence demands from Kurds in other ME nations
- North Korea is constructing another nuke; Japan freezes Chongryon Assets in response
- New Zeland military vessel is mysteriously destroyed off the Philippine Coast, the US, Japanese and Chinese navy's amongst others investigate

--Hostage crisis in Columbia (drug driven)
--Pyragy elected in Turkmenistan, privatizes oil companies
--Brazil solves border dispute with Bolivia
-- Military build up in the middle east
--NATO withdraws from Turkey
--Russia withdraws from NATO-Russia council
--Iran invades Turkmenistan
--Iran is outted for goading Arabia/Iraq into supporting terrorist organization
--Romania seizes lands
--Oil prices rise as Iraq begins conscription
--Italy and UK withdraw from NATO Command Structure
--Volker wins election
--Social & Christian Party formed in Paraguay
--Pyragy of Turkmenistan reinstated as Pakistan liberates Turkmenistan
--Militants split in Chile
--Vice President Kahn is killed by a roadside bomb returning to Iran
--Medvedev returns to power in Russia
--Palestine and Gaza Rebuilding underway by Israel and Saudi Arabia
--Search for Osama bin Laden begins in Pakistan
--Kidnapping in RoK, by DPRK
--United Nations Observer Mission in the Caucasus, or UNOMI, approved
--China begins harassing Fillipino ships

--Brazil allows Russian submarines in their ports
--American isolationist rise
--Japan has Article 9 showdown
--Turkemenistani violence goes on the rise

--Coloumbia aids mudslide Bolivian victims
--India fails to purchase Turkemenistani oil
--Riots in Turkmenistan
--Earthquake in Japan
--Flooding in Brazil
--Offensive in Pakistan moves forward
--Turkmenistani president killed
--Japan's nuclear power plant messes up

--Japanese PM dies in the nuclear disaster
--Private American space company says they'll go to Mars

--Pakistan leaves Turkmenistan, which descends into chaos
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Re: Years in Summary

Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:26 pm Post
That's it up to date, I'll maintain it for new players to learn about what has changed from real life history and for Qpawn historical purposes.

Re: Years in Summary

Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:24 pm Post
Would the DRA and it's repeal not merit inclusion? It was very controversial. The resignation of Notat too perhaps, she was influential.

Re: Years in Summary

Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:23 pm Post
Antoine-Napoléon Bonaparte wrote
Would the DRA and it's repeal not merit inclusion? It was very controversial. The resignation of Notat too perhaps, she was influential.

I haven't played all of this round so I was working off what I saw in QNN and from that decided what has had a lasting international affect, for more domestic issues players can look in the domestic forums themselves. However, If you think these are significant enough then feel free to send me a PM about them with the year/month and some info and I'd be happy to include them.

Re: Years in Summary

Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:20 pm Post
Looks really good. Great job on this.

Re: Years in Summary

Thu Feb 17, 2011 8:36 pm Post
Yes, very useful list indeed.

Re: Years in Summary

Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:22 am Post
Can we get an updated status of this thread pls?

Re: Years in Summary

Qpawn Admin

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Wed May 11, 2011 2:54 pm Post
Updated up to August

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