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Increasing Stats

Increasing Stats

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Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:24 am Post
If you want to do so, you can increase your Training or Equipment % by up to 3% per year on your own. Examine your military sheet and note the cost of a 1% increase. Multiply by the total in increases you are making.

Please observe that maintaining a military with higher quality equipment at a higher level of training costs more. Your annual expenditures will increase, sometimes by a very significant amount.

If you want to increase your scores by more than 3% in a given year, you'll need outside help from someone with significantly higher scores.

If you want outside training rather than inside, calculate the maximum increase possible using the following rubric:
- Subtract your relevant stat from theirs.
- Divide by 10, round down, and add 3.
- Add scores to your example sheet *before* multiplying the number of increases.

Iraq wants to increase their equipment and training scores by more than 3% this year. Their current equipment score is 53%, while their current training score is 33%. They get help from the UK, which has a current equipment score of 95% and training score of 85%.

Equipment: 95%-53% = 42%. 42%/10 = 4.2%. 4+3 = 7% maximum increase
Training: 85%-33% = 52%. 52%/10 = 5.2%. 5+3 = 8% maximum increase

Now, Iraq would usually pay roughly $19 million per 1% increase if they were doing this themselves. However, because outside training is more intensive and expensive, it costs more. After adding the relevant 7% and 8% to scores, we can see that each 1% of the total 15% increases will cost $26.8 million. That winds up at a total cost of $402 million. If Iraq did this over the course of 3 years on their own, the cost would be notably lower.

Also note that in the aftermath, Iraq would end up increasing annual expenditures by roughly $775 million a year. Maintaining a considerably more technologically and well-trained army in fighting order costs a lot more.

Finally, note that because of the lower differences in scores between Iraq and the UK, they could no longer expect to see nearly so rapid progress in the years ahead.

If this math is baffling, you can just ask me for a quote via PM. Also, just like with military sales, the nation providing the extra assistance will need to post a confirmation.

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