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Fri Feb 18, 2011 1:36 pm Post
Election Promises wrote

1.) Mend damaged relations between France and Germany as a result of the scandal towards the end of President Notat's Presidency.
2.) Open debate on EU reform to counter rise of Euro skepticism in Germany.
3.) Introduce an Employment Equality Act, promoting ethnic tolerance in the workplace.


1.) Repeal the "Limited Defense Spending In Peacetime Act of 2010".
2.) Compromise with Germany and the rest of the EU on reforms to keep it together.
3.) Undertake measures for mass stimulus in activity of small businesses.
4.) Encourage a culture of patronage.
5.) Review possibility of scaling back Demographics Reform Act.
6.) Maintain and protect France's world-class health care system.


1.) Oversee expansion in French economy with a view to being able to compete with the likes of Japan, China and the USA.
2.) Reduce Trade Union power in France.
3.) Reduce huge amounts of bureaucracy in local government.
4.) Restore pride and greatness of France.
5.) Oversee France as a global force on the world stage.

Agenda for 2012 wrote

1.) Draft new constitution.
2.) Employment Equality Act, wouldn't really upset businesses and will cool trade unionist anger.
3.) Hold ESA conference in French Guiana, invite Brazil.
4.) "The Second French Enlightenment".
5.) UMP Party Conference, adopt Bonapartism as an official ideology.
6.) Ban unlicensed murder of animals.
7.) Leave NATO.
8.) Five Step Plan To A Greener France.

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