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Fri Jul 01, 2011 6:37 am Post
Europe, not necessarily. Right now, my primary concern is a speedy resolution to this. It's causing trouble for the players. There was the unilateral announcement with no pre or post work from the US, and that's it. There's a lot of uncertainty on the board, and I think it's got everyone in a holding pattern, not committing to actions until this gets sorted.

Legally and politically, this absolutely could not happen in the United States. Any American politician who attempted to tear down NATO voluntarily would be in serious trouble. Not to mention, I'm still not clear that he can legally do this unilaterally. I think it would need a new Senate vote because NATO is based on the North Atlantic Treaty, which the US Senate ratified. My assumption is that they would need a new Senate vote to leave the Treaty. However, I can't find that 100% for certain. Powell couldn't win that vote in the Senate though.

I do think that the US leaving NATO without first having arranged an alternate alliance does gravely weaken US security. Depending on how an alternate alliance would work, I could see it being a net benefit for the USA, but Powell hasn't yet done any work toward building one, and I think the opportunity to do so is virtually gone for it to succeed, though I could be wrong.

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