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Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:46 pm Post
Here is what the Prime Minister proposes.

Golan Heights Act 2010

IN CONSULTATION with the Druze and Jewish Settlers.
UNDERSTANDING their wishes.
WISHING to have them fulfilled.

The Knesset of Israel puts the following into force;

1. Incorporation of Golan Heights & Population
1. The Golan Heights will now be recognised as a Province of Israel.
2. All those living in the Golan Heights must apply for Israeli Citizenship.

2. Non-Citizens
1. Those who refuse Israeli Citizenship will be deported to a country of their choice.
2. Those refusing to leave will be imprisoned.
3. All residents within the Golan Heights will have three months to apply.

3. Autonomy
1. The Golan Heights will be self administrive in terms of education, health, local government, transport, planning, economic development, social care, culture, environment, agriculture and rural affairs.
2. Israel will be responsible for its defence, taxation, tax collection and foreign relations.

4. Regional Assembly
1. The Regional Assembly (RA) will consist of 21 Seats taken by Assembly Members (AMs).
2. The RA will make decisions on areas listed in section 3.1
3. Elections for AMs will take place every three years.
4. The RA will be headed by a Chairman who will be elected from among the AMs.
5. The Chairman will be the effective head of state for the Golan Heights.

5. Knesset Members
1. The Golan Heights will also be given two Knesset seats.
2. These will be elected as per normal for other Knesset seats.

6. Knesset Veto
1. The Knesset may use a veto in RA votes if it believes that the decision will be harmful to Israel as a whole.
2. The veto will be exercised under direction from the Prime Minister to the Chairman.
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Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:57 pm Post
The Druze and Israeli Settlers

This looks fine to us.

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