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Corruption/Human Right

Corruption/Human Right

Tue Jun 14, 2011 2:47 pm Post
I invite all members to discuss on what can be done to reduce corruption and to improve human rights in Africa.We must come into agremment on a motion.It is important to tackle these two issues NOW.
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Re: Corruption/Human Right

Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:36 pm Post
Phandu Skelemani
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - Botswana

At the moment, Botswana has the lowest corruption rate in Africa. My government is also discussing with the South African government, about two South African organisations being set up to lower corruption, and my government is committed to supporting those two organisations. As you can see, the government of Botswana fights corruption the best in Africa, and we´re going to continue to do do.

The government of Botswana supports and respects human rights in our own country and foreign countries. Everybody should have the right to freedom of speech! We hope other countries can follow our lead in corruption and human rights.

My government has tried to enact a motion in the African Union, but many countries oppose it. Not many countries in Africa want to fight against corruption, and when they do, not many governments get involved. My government feels that this is a disadvantage to Botswana and the rest of the countries in the African Union. However, my government supports you bring the topic up again, and we hope that the rest of the African Union can start to fight against corruption.

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