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TITAN Treaty

TITAN Treaty

Thu May 05, 2011 8:58 pm Post
TITAN- Treaty of International Tactically Aligned Nations

Preamble; Aspiring for regional & world stability, seeking to cooperate on matters of security and Intelligence. Seeking to work together to combat problems such as piracy, terrorism and threats to regional peace, the nation’s of TITAN (Japan, India, South Korea) henceforth enter in this treaty and become the founding nations.

Article I: Headquarters and Funding

Part One: The TITAN treaty shall be recognized as a result of the 2011 Tokyo Defence Summit and therefore Headquarters for the Organization will be in Tokyo, Japan with liaison offices in Busan, South Korea and Hyderabad, India.

Part Two: Funding is based off the Economic and Military might and spending of each of its members. The Initial budget will be 1 billion, contribution and payments will be made based on the above criteria.

Article II: Membership, Observer Status

Part One: Requirement’s for full membership requires a state to have nation hood status.

Part Two: A state does not have to have nation hood status to obtain observer status.

Part Three: Nations seeking membership must have been invited by one of the members to join the organization.

Part Four: Both Observer states and full memberships must be voted on by the members and must be unanimously confirmed.

Article III : Secretary General, Security Council , voting

Part One: Each Year, TITAN will elect from its members a nation to serve as the Secretary General. The Secretary General will have the power as the official spokesman and representative of the group. He is charged with the duties of ensuring readiness of the nations, working to integrate military command, Intelligence cooperation and Anti-Piracy efforts. Secretary General may be removed by a unanimous vote of all members other then the Secretary General home name; disagreement with the actions of the Secretary General may be put to a vote to reverse decisions as well requiring a unanimous vote other then the Secretary Generals home nation.

Part Two: Each member of TITAN will have an equal vote. Discussion may be initiated by any member of TITAN yet voting of proposals must first be introduced by the Secretary General. Resolution or proposals are considered passed with a majority “Yes” votes.

Part Three: Japan, South Korea, India as the founding nations and one member of TITAN based on a rotating seat shall comprise of the Security Council. As a resolution passes amongst the TITAN members, the Security Council is inclined to approve the action or resolution, unless members of the Security Council (All 4) vote against this measure. This is equal to a Veto.

Article IV: Intelligence sharing, Security cooperation

Part One: This treaty binds its members to share with the organization Intelligence that poses any sort of threat to regional stability and member’s national security.

Part Two: Military Installations shall be open for port calls and refueling operations to the Militaries of other TITAN members therefore solidifying Security Cooperation.

Article V: Economic cooperation, Free Trade Zone

Part One: All parties agree to become members of a Free Trade zone within the organization

Part Two: For any product to be considered for free trade at least 70% of the product must have origins within the member states of the organization

Part Three: All parties agree to an annual TITAN economic summit that will aim to tackle the problems of economic development within the member states, and to adopt a common policy in economic planning and direction.

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